My siblings are my best friends.

I have a built-in circle of friends called family. My siblings are my best friends because we understand each other’s origins. Knowing that the genetic makeup of our cells has natural similarities makes our closeness automatic.

Having close siblings reminds me that I have a solid support team. I am obligated to offering a helping hand to them because I love them.

I treat my siblings as extensions of me. It is easy to give them the same caring treatment that I give myself. Catering to their emotional and physical cares is easy because their well-being is important to me.

Hanging out with my brothers gives me a chance to keep up to date with their lives. I make a special effort to schedule time together with them together and individually.

Birthdays are special occasions for my family. I use them to show my siblings that my love for them is unconditional. Each special occasion brings us closer together. They give me a chance to profess my everlasting support to them.

Even when I argue with my brothers, there is an undertone of respect. I avoid saying or doing anything to hurt their feelings.

Today, I treasure the relationship I share with my siblings because we are bound by blood. Sharing a familial bond is a characteristic that I treasure dearly.

Self-Reflection Questions:

  1. In what ways is my relationship with my siblings similar to my relationship with friends?
  2. How well do I handle differences of opinion with my brothers and sisters?
  3. How difficult is it to give unfavorable news to one of my siblings?
  4. Have you sent your sibling a personalized mobile greeting card?

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